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Born in Thessaloniki, completed her studies at school of Fine art
in Athens, from 1982 till 1987.


Studied next to the painters:

·  Dimitris Mytaras   (1982-1983)

·  Ilias Dekoulakos  (1983-1987)    

In addition she attended sculpting lessons (1985-1987)  with the professor Thymio Panourgia.


Personal Exchibitions:

· 1989 Cultural Center of Livadias

· 1990 Alatza Imaret at Thessaloniki

· 2001 Ersi's Gallery -Kolonaki - Athens

· .meanwhile she has participated in many group exchibitions

She has been taught the technique of air brush from her teacher Ilia Dekoulako.



CRITICISM:betty tsigarida

<< Tsigarida moves within the framework of photographic realism. She draws inspiration from the real world and focuses, with a poetical detachment, on a highly detailed gaze: a nail driven into the earth; a row boat oar which creates air bubbles in the sea; a rope hanging in front of a wall which is full of abstract material, all attract one’s attention, like an empty room or an outdoor action. Her technique not only reveals perfectionism, but she also attempts to convey, with accurate fidelity to detail, the emotion which instigated the response. >>

Bia Papadopoulou

<< A gaze that drifts towards infinity, what is it looking for? A boat that moves; how is it? The wave that hugs the sandy sea shore, what is the sea hiding? The motion in Betty Tsigarida’s artwork takes the viewer’s gaze beyond the self-same image – imaginatively it goes beyond the actual phenomena. Following the notions of movement and research, the viewer identifies with the artist’s intention that looks for truth, in a game between life and death. Finally to summarise an image of the artist is ‘like an old room.’ >>

Panos Dakaletsis



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